Myths and Facts about Saturn and Jupiter

In the ancient science of astrology, there was a common theory for an event to happen, it is essential that first Saturn blesses the particular house representative of the activity and Jupiter brings the promoting advantage for it. Saturn planet is representative of sincerity and hard work means absolute karma and Jupiter planet is indicative of beneficence and results.

understand saturn and jupiter

Contrary to normal belief about Saturn effect which makes you suffer, it is just karma representative and brings judgement as per your karma. So if we are putting in sincere and hard work Saturn will being the good advantage, but if you need promoting advantage then Jupiter will help as catalyst but we must not be over confident of Jupiter’s beneficence as the same thing can make us relaxed, careless and so Saturn will come in action again.

Understand this vicious cycle clearly and instead of bogging down to planetary positions just focus on sincere effort and the results will follow automatically.