1.First House: First house represents the ascendant. It is also called Thanu Bhava. It describes the Body, Colour, Structure of body, Inner and outer attributes Happiness & sorrow, Strength & Weakness, Beauty. It also deals with the beginning of life, childhood, health, environment, personality & character. The karka of this house is Sun. In the natural horoscope the Aris lies in this house & the lord is Mangal.
2.Second House: This is house of wealth. It tells about the accumulated wealth, Eyes (particularly right eye), Mouth, Relatives (particularly in-laws), Mother’s sister, Mama, Friendship, Edible goods, Liquid, Right side of body, Simple talent. Karka of this house is Jupiter (Guru). In natural horoscope Taurus lies in this house and the lord is Venus( Sukra). Mars remains neutral in this house.
3.Third House: It is also known as Sahaj Bhav. It reveals about the brother (particularly younger brother & sisters), Braveness & daring nature, Patience, Throat, Ear, Cloths, Servants, Medicine. In natural horoscope Jameni (Mithune) lies in this house. Ruling Lord is Mercury. Mars is the karaka of this house.

4.Fourth House: It indicates Peace of mind, Home life, Mother, Conveyance, House property, Landed and ancestral properties, Education, Neck and Shoulders. In natural horoscope Cancer lies in this house & the Lord is Chandra (Moon). Budha is the karka (significator) of this house. But Budha is not able to give their result in this house.