Shailyy The Astrologer

Shailyy is a complete emblem and synonym of optimism in life. Shailyy has gone through many phases of life. She has seen many complexities and miseries of life and she was not able to find rational solutions. But infinite vibrant possibility was always living in her eyes. In due time she realized that Astrology is one of the knowledge stream where lots of hidden potential can be unleashed to solve the miseries of life. The learning started much earlier at the age of 13 but tangible action took place at later age of life.

The unstoppable desire of mending what was predestined became irresistible and she created a method to solve problems by previous births and incarnation through astrology and other occult sciences.


She has mastered the following stream of knowledge and services

1. Horoscope Analysis

2. Match making

3. Feng shui

4. Vastu shastra

5. Numerology

6. Tarot card reading

Shailyy has professionally 10 years of experience in solving human problems using Astrology & occult and benefited thousands of human’s life. Shailyy will not only give predictions rather she focuses on solving the real problems and brings prosperity & peace in your life. She encourages the Karma and purity of your choice to live your life better. Many a times we are not able to make a better decision because our rationality has a certain limitation . That’s where Shailyy will give definite and better solution using her vision and intuitive knowledge.

Other than being a successful astrologer and occult practitioner, She is a mesmerizing poetess too. “Salwatein” is her first collection of poetry, which is already quite popular.

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About Us

MyOnlineAstrologer was born to discover the solutions of a problem which is quite unknown sometimes. When our perception is limited by our logical senses we start taking decision based on belief. And exactly at that point Astrology open the new paradigm of logical decision making systems to help you choose better.

Astrology is not a replacement of Karma, Job or Responsibility. It is rather a way to distinguish the finer karma, finer Job or finer Responsibility. And that’s where MyOnlineAstrologer provides the best solution to make the right choice.