Sade sati of Shani

Sade Sati is a 7.5 years of Saturn transit that get triggered when Saturn comes 12th from your birth moon sign.



If you were born with a Gemini moon at birth, then later down the line, when Saturn’s yearly transits comes 12th house from your moon signs, all the way to 2nd house from your moon sign is known as Sade Sati. Saturn stays in one signs for 2.5 years, so when Saturn is 12th from the moon, with the moon then 2nd house from the moon; these 3 house transit is about 7.5 years.Why is Sade Sati known as a period of hardship in your horoscope, trails & tribulations?

This is because Saturn is a teacher like Jupiter, but Saturn is a bit harsher than Jupiter. Saturn loves to show your reality of your life and present to you in ‘Now’, where Jupiter gives optimism about the future.

Saturn is not a bad guy, Saturn is actually the planet you want in your life. Too much time do we spent in day dreaming and fantasizing about the future or thinking about the past. Saturn wants you to live in now, he wants you to face your current surroundings, so Saturn must send you signal to keep a balance of karma.

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