Horoscope Analysis

Many times in our lives, we come across fairly similar choices where we don’t know which is a better option. Confronted by boggling questions and unnecessary puzzles, taking the best suited decision and living at peace with it has become a major challenge. We’ll give you an answer to all your questions, to optimize your health, wealth and prosperity.

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Space Science

Space science is a combination of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. Over a period of 10 years we’ve created the expertise of providing the combination of both these Divine sciences. In modern times when there is space constraint and expenses are a bit much this methodology comes out as most effective solution for home designs and architecture.

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Match Making

Life is Beautiful and we need compatible partners to live our life entirely. But at times we don’t know when would we be finding our soul-mate. More so, whether or not one will find marital bliss. 
How to know that, he/she is the that person? What little remedies can make a huge change in the existing relation. We offer simple yet effective solutions to all of these.

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Numbers not only have a scope of calculation or numerical representation. Numbers are an abstract signature of divine correlation between humans and the cosmos. Using this relationship we provide answers to your questions. Numbers hold the potential to reply to your queries and transform your perception into a positive disposition.

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Tarot Card Reading

Tarot is not just about deck of cards and predicting your future. Cards are tools to create a connection between you and the cosmos. Tarot reading helps you create your future through knowledge by empowering and enlightening. It’s a conversation between the Almighty and you which we only interpret for you. The Divine Designs get unfolded through this reading for a peaceful positive life.

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